ROJECO Dog Training Collar Review


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ROJECO Dog Training Collar is an electronic collar used for dog training that offers different modes of feedback. However, using a shock collar can cause pain and negative effects on dogs, and positive reinforcement methods are generally considered to be a more humane and effective approach. If used, it's important to follow the instructions carefully and only use it as a last resort.
  • 3 Training Modes and 3 Channels
  • 3300ft Remote which can allow for off-leash training in larger areas.
  • IPX7 Waterproof Receiver
  • Adjustable TPU dog collar
  • USB Recharged Battery & Long Standby Time
  • Safe training even if a beginner
  • Can cause pain and discomfort to the dog, which can lead to negative behavior and stress. Can potentially cause physical injuries or burns if used improperly.
  • Can create a negative association between the collar and training, which can lead to avoidance behaviors and fear of the collar.
  • Can lead to aggressive behavior if not used properly or if the intensity level is too high.
  • Can negatively impact the dog's trust and bond with its owner if used inappropriately.

What is ROJECO Dog Training Collar?

ROJECO Dog Training Collar is a device designed to help train dogs through remote control. It consists of a collar that goes around the dog’s neck and a handheld remote control that allows the owner to deliver various types of stimuli to the dog, such as vibrations, beeps, or static shocks. The purpose of the collar is to help the owner train their dog to obey commands and discourage unwanted behaviors. It is important to use such devices responsibly and with proper guidance to ensure the safety and well-being of the dog.

Design and Features

The ROJECO Dog Training Collar is designed with a variety of features to help dog owners train their pets effectively. The collar is adjustable and fits dogs of different sizes and breeds comfortably. The remote control allows the owner to choose from four different modes, including vibration, beep, static shock, and flashlight, to suit the training needs of their dog. The device also has a long-range capability, allowing the owner to train their dog from a distance of up to 3000 feet. Additionally, the collar is waterproof, making it suitable for use in wet environments such as during swimming or bathing. The ROJECO Dog Training Collar is designed with the safety and comfort of dogs in mind, with built-in measures to prevent accidental shocks and to ensure that the stimulus is delivered in a humane way.

What’s in The Box

  • Receiver 1 x
  • Adjustable Collar x 1
  • Remote Control x 1
  • Test Light x1
  • USB Charger Cable x 1
  • Electric Colume x 2
  • Silicone Cover x 4
  • Anti-abrasion Buckle x 2

Setup and Installation

Here are some general steps for setting up a ROJECO Dog Training Collar:

  1. Make sure the collar is fully charged before using it. You can charge it using the provided USB cable.
  2. Attach the collar to your dog’s neck, ensuring it is not too tight or too loose. You should be able to fit one or two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.
  3. Turn on the remote control by pressing and holding the power button until the LED light turns on.
  4. Press the mode button to select the desired training mode, such as beep, vibration, or shock.
  5. Adjust the intensity level using the plus and minus buttons. Start with the lowest level and gradually increase it until you find the appropriate level for your dog.
  6. Test the collar by using the selected mode and intensity level on yourself before using it on your dog. This will give you an idea of the sensation your dog will experience.
  7. Use the collar only as a last resort, after other training methods have been exhausted. Never leave the collar on for an extended period of time or when you are not supervising your dog.

Remember, using a shock collar can have negative effects on your dog’s behavior and well-being. It’s important to always use positive reinforcement methods to train your dog and to seek the help of a professional dog trainer if needed.

Rojeco Application

ROJECO Dog Training Collar Review

Specification: ROJECO Dog Training Collar Review

Product Dimensions

6.57 x 3.82 x 2.17 inches, 8.47 Ounces

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Date First Available

August 9, 2021



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ROJECO Dog Training Collar Review
ROJECO Dog Training Collar Review


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