FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder Review


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8.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #2 in category Smart Fish Feeders
The FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder is an extremely convenient product that can help streamline the process of feeding your fish
  • Programmable
  • Two Types of Windows
  • Two Ways to Attach
  • Measuring Stickers Included
  • Works With Any Food
  • Manual Feeding
  • Some fishes may not take kindly to the robotic menu and may require manual feedings for increased nutritional intake
  • No wireless smart control

What is FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder?

The FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder allows fish owners to keep their aquariums clean and their fish healthy with minimal effort. This advanced automated device can be programmed to dispense food at specific times of day, including the ability to feed multiple times per day. Its sleek design makes it easy to fit into any aquarium, while its adjustable settings allow you to customize the exact amount of food that is released into the tank. Additionally, the FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder works with a variety of different types of fish food flakes or pellets so that you can choose the best nutrition for your fish. The feeder also has an anti-clog feature that ensures that no food will get stuck in the tube, meaning less mess and a healthier environment for your fish. Overall, this all-in-one solution provides a hassle-free way for fish owners to maintain optimal aquarium conditions and ensure their fish are getting all the nutrition they need.

Design and Features

The FISHNOSH automatic fish feeder is a revolutionary product that offers superior aquarium maintenance and convenience for fish lovers everywhere. With its built-in automation, it can feed your fish up to four times per day with the precise amount of food that you specify. It’s even smart enough to recognize when the water level is low or if there are power outages, making sure your fish won’t be left hungry. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to set up and use – all you have to do is fill the hopper with your desired food type, plug it in and set the timer – no additional hardware needed!. As far as feeding goes, this feeder is designed with an adjustable dial that allows you to customize portion sizes between 0.2g and 4g. It also features an LCD display so you can keep track of feedings at a glance. On top of all these features, this advanced automatic feeder was developed with safety in mind – it has built-in over-current protection so your aquarium will never be damaged by any electrical surges or shorts. And if that wasn’t enough, it also was designed with a low-noise motor so as not to disturb the peace of your home or office space! All in all, this Automatic Fish Feeder offers a convenient way to make sure that your aquarium inhabitants are properly fed – no matter where you are!

What’s in The Box

  • Fish Feeder
  • User Manual

Setup and Installation

Setting up a FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder is easy and requires just a few simple steps. First, you will need to assemble the feeder in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This involves connecting the hopper, setting up the bracket, and attaching all necessary accessories. Once it’s all set, you will need to fill the hopper with fish food of your choice. You can also adjust how much food is released each time by adjusting the portion size knob on top of the feeder itself. To start feeding your fish, simply turn on the power switch located near the base of the feeder and set up your desired feeding schedule by using either manual or digital timer options. The digital timer allows for more precise control over when and how much food is released into your aquarium automatically every day. After everything is set up properly, you are ready to enjoy watching your fish eat regularly without having to worry about manually feeding them every day!

FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder Review

Specification: FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder Review

Product Dimensions

6.14 x 2.72 x 4.13 inches, 10.3 Ounces

Item model number



2 AA batteries required.

Date First Available

August 5, 2021



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FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder Review
FISHNOSH Automatic Fish Feeder Review
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