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IoTaWatt Open WiFi Electric Power Monitor

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What is IoTaWatt?

IoTaWatt is a revolutionary open-source energy monitoring system that helps homeowners track their energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency. It features advanced hardware and software technologies, such as Wi-Fi-enabled Internet of Things devices, to provide users with real-time data on their electricity usage. Along with this, IoTaWatt also provides big data analytics to help users identify trends in their energy usage and make better decisions about how they can reduce costs and save money. Moreover, the device comes with an intuitive interface which makes setting up the system and tracking consumption relatively easy.

IoTaWatt Open WiFi Electric Power Monitor

IoTaWatt Open WiFi Electric Power Monitor

Design and Features

  • Open system, private data: Keep your energy data under lock and key with an open system, private monitoring solution. With its integrated web server, you can access real-time status or create detailed graphs for desktop computers, tablets, and phones – it’s the secret weapon of efficient electricity management!
  • A large number of CT sensor inputs: Installing current transformers is now simpler than ever thanks to 14+ circuit stereo jacks. Each input can measure one separate circuit, or multiple circuits and CTs can be combined into a single entry for even more efficiency!
  • Integrated Analytic Tools: Visualize energy consumption with integrated analytic tools! See how much power you’re using overall, as well as which circuits are the most active.
  • Uploads to influx DB and Emoncms: With advanced configuration, data upload to influx DB and Emoncms allows users to create beautiful dashboards with Grafana or other incredible visualization tools. Furthermore, those who prefer the integrated environment of Emoncms can utilize its powerful graphical interface for stunning displays in real time.
  • Uploads to PVoutput: PVOutput is an amazing tool that allows solar panel owners to share, compare and analyze their output data using graphs. Get insights into your energy production over different time periods and see how you stack up against other contributors!
  • Simple Powerful Scripting: Combining data to get precisely what you want has never been easier! IoTaWatt’s “calculator” offers a straightforward interface that takes the stress and hassles out of scripting. Just pick your desired metrics – Amps, Watts, Volts – enter in the function to calculate it with just as much ease as using a basic four-function calculator. Get accurate results quickly so you can focus on more important things!
  • A universal solution: IoTaWatt’s ability to monitor virtually any electrical system has made it an international sensation, with people in over 60 countries taking advantage of its capabilities. It is truly a universal solution!

What’s in The Box

  • IoTaWatt V5 Base Unit x1
  • USB Power Supply (120V) x1
  • AC Reference Transformer (120V) x1
  • Mains Current Transformers (200A) x2

IoTaWatt Setup and Installation

IoTaWatt Application

IoTaWatt Open WiFi Electric Power Monitor Review

9.7Expert Score
Our Verdict
IoTaWatt is one of the best open-source energy meters for innovative energy monitors.
  • Open system, private data
  • A large number of CT sensor inputs
  • Uploads to influx DB and Emoncms
  • Uploads to PVoutput
  • Simple Powerful Scripting
  • A universal solution
  • Need a technical background for setup

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