EARU Electric Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker

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What is a EARU Electric Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker ?

With EARU Electric’s Wi-Fi Smart Circuit Breaker, you can take advantage of the comprehensive load management features that a modern home or business requires in this digital age. This IoT device enables users to easily switch circuit breakers on and off using ISC – all while remotely monitoring their energy consumption! Homeowners and businesses would benefit greatly from having these devices incorporated into their smart homes; get your hands on one today and improve efficiency in electrical usage with ease.

Design and Features

  • Save your energy: Monitor your energy consumption to save money! Homeowners can easily reduce their electricity bill by turning off devices and appliances when not in use. Employing efficient practices can result in significant savings, so make sure you keep an eye on background losses of power – any small gains add up over time. Taking the initiative to implement these measures will bring lasting results for both residential customers as well as businesses alike.
  • Used with solar: Enjoy the convenience of safeguarding your electrical systems, whether powered by traditional electricity or solar power. These protective measures can be adapted to fit both!
  • Provides Safety: By installing a circuit breaker, you can rest assured that your electrical system has an extra layer of protection against potential damage due to overloading and other problems. Short circuits, load defects such as excess or insufficient power supply, and voltage fluctuations are all safeguarded by this reliable device – giving you peace-of-mind in the event of any unfortunate incidents!
  • Smart control: Keep your electricity safe and secure with a wifi smart circuit breaker! The mobile phone app, available on both android and iOS platforms provides you the power to control your home’s electrical supply from anywhere in case of an emergency or fault. Not only can it detect hazardous circuits instantly but also help keep track of its data for prompt resolution – all conveniently done remotely via Wi-Fi connection.
  • More Insights: With the smart home electrical panel, you can begin to understand your energy consumption more than ever before. Get an early warning of any issues in the house by monitoring key appliances like AC systems or water heaters; and make that important solar + storage decision with insight into both historical data and peak power demand for those items you wish to back up.
  • Voice Control: Make life easier with EARU! This smart device allows you to control it through your voice, compatible with major home assistant software like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Streamline your lifestyle by simply dictating commands for a variety of tasks – from dimming the lights or playing music, EVERU is here to help make every day living more convenient and efficient.

How to Setup EARU Electric Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker?

Setting up the EARU Electric Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker can be a relatively easy and straightforward process. Once you have made sure that the breaker is compatible with your home’s wiring system, you can begin by turning off the electricity source and removing the existing circuit breaker from its position. Next, install the new EARU Smart Circuit Breaker carefully; ensuring that all of your connections are properly secured. Finally, make the necessary adjustments in order to enable WiFi connection, such as handy mobile app controls for programming and controlling each individual outlet or switch in your house – then turn on your electricity source and start enjoying a smarter and more efficient living environment!

EARU Electric Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker Application

The EARU Electric Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker works properly with Smart Tuya and Smart Life smart home application

Tuya Smart

Smart Life 

EARU Electric Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker Review

9.4Expert Score
Our Verdict
The EARU Electric Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker has a lot of pros and cons that are worth considering. On the pro side.
  • Smart App Control from anywhere
  • Voice Control
  • Energy Monitoring
  • it's much safer than traditional circuit breakers as it carries up to date safety standards
  • Real-time notifications about any power issues
  • This type of breaker is relatively new on the market, there may be certain bugs or technical difficulties that need to be worked out before it can function perfectly.

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