Corrections Policy


This Corrections Policy is applicable to all employees, workers, and contributors (collectively, the “Contributors”) to IoT Smart Techs Blog’s publications, whether contracted or freelance or otherwise commissioned.


Our fact-checking unit strives to provide accurate, unbiased reporting at all times. In the rare event that we make an error, or new information comes to light that changes our understanding of the subject, we will make a timely correction to the relevant publication. Sometimes an amendment to a publication may be suitable, at other times it may be appropriate to publish a correction or an apology in a separate statement.

This Corrections Policy does not cover the regular updating of content as new information becomes available, or the inclusion of additional information to existing content, except where that new information directly contradicts in a significant material way the information already published.


We always take corrective action when significant information which is material to a reasonable person’s understanding of the content is not correct, is missing or has not been presented in context.

Errors on the IoT Smart Techs Blog might include common minor errors involving, for example, errors in dateline, day of the week, time conversions, spelling, names, ages titles, as well as errors requiring removal or addition of a word. 

Fact checks that have been updated to reflect new information will carry a headline that begins “Updated: ….”.

If a significant change is made to a publication, which somehow changes the conclusion of the publication, the publication will be corrected and reposted. If a minor alteration is made, the corrected position will remain in its chronological position.

Correctionsand clarifications should occur in an appropriate manner and as soon as reasonably practical. If a publication contains multiple errors, it may need to be withdrawn.

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